Philadelphia 76ers fans went nuts Wednesday night after a second missed free throw by Miami's Caleb Martin won them free Chick-fil-A.. Photo Credit: ESPN Photo Credit: ESPN

There are a lot of enjoyable parts about attending an NBA game in person, and the opportunity to get free food is one of them.

NBA teams have done free food giveaways for years. The Chicago Bulls, for example, gave away free Big Macs from McDonald’s whenever they scored more than 100 points. The Los Angeles Lakers give away free Jack in the Box tacos when they hold the opponent under 111 points and win.

The Philadelphia 76ers are no different, with the team giving out free Chick-fil-A whenever an opposing player misses two free throws.

The cleverly named “Bricken for Chicken” promotion made for a huge moment in Wednesday night’s Play-In Tournament win over the Miami Heat.

“It’s time for chicken. Free chicken…” Mike Breen said as Martin set up for his second free throw before giving a classic “YES!” as Martin missed and the Wells Fargo Center came unglued.

“It’s so easy to make people happy. Apparently, the chicken is very good. They’re not a sponsor so we’re not allowed to mention it,” Breen added.

Hilariously enough, this is the second time this week that a free chicken situation has emerged at an NBA game, as Sunday’s contest between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Clippers featured Rockets center Boban Marjanović intentionally missing his second free throw to send the crowd into a frenzy.

[Photo Credit: ESPN]