Jon Soto and Arson Judge Credit: New York Yankees & Jon Heyman

On Wednesday night, the New York Yankees finalized their blockbuster trade for Juan Soto. Or should we say, “Jon Soto?”

The team’s X account announced the trade with a post that read, “Jon Soto appears headed to Yankees.”

While you wouldn’t be faulted for assuming a social media manager was about to get fired, terminally online baseball fans understood the reference immediately.

Wednesday also happened to be the first anniversary of Jon Heyman’s tweet heard ’round the baseball world, when he hurriedly fired off a tweet that read “Arson Judge appears headed to Giants.”

The baseball world had a field day with “Arson Judge,” even after Heyman deleted the tweet and replaced it with a revised version clarifying that *Aaron* Judge was signing with the Giants, before retracting his report altogether, saying that the Giants still hadn’t heard from Judge.

Judge re-signed with the Yankees a few weeks later.

It appears that the Yankees did not forget about Heyman’s hustle and incorrect reporting. That the Soto deal just so happened to go down the same day, one year later, was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

You could argue this was the Yankees’ biggest win in years, at least according to some of the reactions.

Hopefully, Heyman doesn’t block the Yankees like he did others who pointed out the anniversary on Wednesday.

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