Jon Heyman's "Arson Judge" tweet.

MLB insider Jon Heyman had one hell of a time on Tuesday afternoon.

First, he tweeted that “Arson” Judge was signing with the San Francisco Giants.

Then he deleted that tweet, clarifying that *Aaron* Judge was signing with the Giants.

Minutes later, he retracted *that* story, saying that the Giants still hadn’t heard from Judge.

Baseball Reference proceeded to add “Arson Judge” to Judge’s page under “nicknames.” Plenty of others had some fun with the typo as well.

You know, the typo is one thing. It happens. But reporting the destination of the biggest free agent on the market, and then doing a U-turn minutes later? That’s just sloppy and can really damage a reporter’s reputation. Heyman’s been doing this long enough to know that.

[Screencaps via Molly Morrison]

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