The Oakland Athletics might not have to share a stadium when they move to Las Vegas in 2027, but for now they continue to be co-tenants at the Oakland Coliseum with a possum.

The A’s possum has been much ballyhooed in the last week after SNY’s New York Mets broadcasters were forced to exit the Coliseum’s visiting booth thanks to a distinct odor of fecal matter. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo later went on an epic tirade, blasting Major League Baseball for allowing a professional team to continue playing in the deteriorating Oakland Coliseum. Hours after Russo screamed “Get Oakland out of Oakland,” the A’s announced they signed an agreement to purchase land for a new stadium in Vegas.

But not everyone has an issue with the A’s possum. Thursday night, New York Yankees radio analyst Suzyn Waldman showed support for the marsupial, claiming the possum might be the only reason for a fan to attend an A’s game in Oakland after they announced their plans to relocate.

“You know, the Mets guys made a big deal of that possum,” Waldman told play-by-play voice John Sterling. “That possum was there when we were there last year. He has a nest in the radio booth…possums are very sweet, they don’t hurt anybody. Really nice little animals.”

Possums are largely harmless, and they eat mosquitoes, which is why you might not mind them lingering around your backyard. But inside your place of work is different. And because possums are sweet, harmless animals, it’s even more surprising that the A’s have struggled, for years, to get one out of its broadcast booth and press box. They literally go to sleep and play dead when you approach them, which would seemingly make it easy to humanely catch and relocate the possum out of the broadcast booth.

That possum just better be out of there by the time John Kruk and the Phillies are scheduled to make their next trip to Oakland.


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