It’s been a difficult start to the season for Philadelphia Phillies fans, emphasized by a disappointing series against their division rival New York Mets over the weekend.

While the worst part of their young season may have occurred Thursday night, when the Mets posted a seven-run ninth inning to complete a stunning come from behind win, the backend of their Mother’s Day doubleheader was no picnic either.

Sitting in dreary weather with their team trailing by five runs, two Phillies fans, who appeared to be a boyfriend-girlfriend couple, looked to be deep in a dispute and SNY cameras quickly put them on display. With the woman crying and the boyfriend pleading with her during a seemingly failed attempt at consoling his girlfriend, Mets play-by-play voice Gary Cohen jumped in with some creative liberties to mimic their argument for the audience.

“No I want you to stay for the whole second game. They might rally, they could win,” Cohen said as he imagined what the boyfriend was saying to the girlfriend.

In an era where so many play-by-play announcers are stiff and unable to adlib, Cohen has earned the right to go off the cuff with spontaneous commentary thanks to more than three decades as a beloved Mets broadcaster. While the couple looked to be discussing a serious matter, hopefully Cohen was right, and it was nothing more than a discussion about when to leave the game.

A 6-1 deficit in the seventh-inning of a cold and rainy Mother’s Day doubleheader could certainly warrant heading to the car a little early. But after watching the Mets mount an amazing comeback last Thursday, uncharacteristically optimistic Phillies fans may have wondered if it was their turn. It wasn’t. The Mets completed the victory and we were left to wonder when the unhappy couple decided to leave.

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