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It appears that John Kruk wrote a check he could not cash. But maybe he just isn’t aware of his capabilities quite yet.

The NBC Sports Philadelphia announcer has had a knack for predicting home runs as of late, and Saturday was no different. During Kyle Schwaber’s at-bat in the fifth inning of Saturday’s Philadelphia Phillies-St. Louis Cardinals game, play-by-play announcer Scott Franzke, filling in for Tom McCarthy, mentioned how the Philadelphia slugger had never hit a home run against St. Louis pitcher Miles Mikolas.

Kruk, who is afraid of heights, suggested that he would go to the top of the Gateway Arch, the iconic 630-foot-tall-monument in St. Louis, if Schwarber hit a home run.

“I know you’re just messing with me,” Franzke told Kruk.

“Well if he hits a home run in this at bat—well, I can’t go tomorrow, what time does that thing open?” asked Kruk.

Kruk was already finding a way to get himself out of a sticky situation, Five seconds later, Schwarber deposited his 44th home run of the season into the right-field bleachers at Busch Stadium.

“Kyle Schwarber with a laser home run into the right field corner and it’ll send John Kruk to the St. Louis Arch,” Franzke said during his call of Schwarber’s fifth-inning home run. “Open Sundays 9 to 6, big guy.”

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Kurk did his best to try to avoid the Arch at all costs. He mentioned how the Phillies had a day game on Sunday and that he would hold up the end of his bargain during the 2024 MLB season.

“If we had a night game, I’d go,” Kruk said. “Me and my damn big mouth.”

Schwarber, who is indirectly responsible for Kruk’s pilgrimage to the Arch, weighed in on the situation following Saturday’s game.

Schwarber did not get a picture from Kruk, as the latter took to X and expressed his disappointment for not being able to go, “Update for y’all, Arch was sold out today, so sadly I couldn’t go.” Kruk added that he took a bunch of **** from players, and we can likely assume that Schwarber was among them.

There’s always next year, John. And it appears the Arch feels the same way.

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