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The 2024 Major League Baseball season is underway, ushering in that special time of year when we appreciate what’s new while admiring what feels familiar. That’s true for the players on the field and the broadcasters in the booth as well as the graphics on your television screen.

Baseball is all about simple pleasures. For those of us who are a bit weird about sports media and broadcasting, that includes the graphics and scorebugs that appear during games and (presumably) help us keep track of what’s happening. Sometimes those graphics get tweaked, sometimes they evolve, and sometimes they get complete overhauls. So we always like to check in to see what the most recent incarnations look like, not to mention how the different broadcast partners finalize the look, feel, size, and placement of their scorebugs.

Below, you’ll find the scorebug being used by every current MLB broadcaster, including linear networks and streaming services. You’ll see a lot of overlap thanks to Bally Sports (as they’re known for now), NBC Sports, and MLB Local Media, but there are quite a few unique looks out there as well. We’d be curious to know which one you like (or hate) the most.

Arizona Diamondbacks (MLB Local Media)

Atlanta Braves (Bally Sports South/Southeast)

Baltimore Orioles (MASN)

Boston Red Sox (NESN)

Chicago Cubs (Marquee)

Chicago White Sox (NBC Sports Chicago)

Cincinnati Reds (Bally Sports Ohio)

Cleveland Guardians (Bally Sports Great Lakes)

Colorado Rockies (MLB Media)

Detroit Tigers (Bally Sports Detroit)

Houston Astros (Space City Home Network)

Kansas City Royals (Bally Sports Kansas City)

Los Angeles Angels (Bally Sports West/SoCal)

Los Angeles Dodgers (Spectrum SportsNet)

Miami Marlins (Bally Sports Florida)

Milwaukee Brewers (Bally Sports Wisconsin)

Minnesota Twins (Bally Sports North)

New York Mets (SNY)

New York Yankees (YES)

Oakland Athletics (NBC Sports California)

Philadelphia Phillies (NBC Sports Philadelphia)

Pittsburgh Pirates (SportsNet Pittsburgh)

San Diego Padres (MLB Local Media)

San Francisco Giants (NBC Sports Bay Area)

Seattle Mariners (Root Sports)

St. Louis Cardinals (Bally Sports Midwest)

Tampa Bay Rays (Bally Sports Sun)

Texas Rangers (Bally Sports Southwest)

Toronto Blue Jays (Sportsnet)

Washington Nationals (MASN)




TBS/TNT Sports

Apple TV+

MLB Network (paired with top corner scorebug)

MLB Network (paired with a bottom crawl scorebug)

[Images courtesy of Bally Sports, NBC Sports, MLB Local Media, ESPN, Fox, Apple TV+, MLB Network]

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