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24 hours after she attacked Fox Sports reporter Jake Mintz during a rant on MLB Network’s High Heat, Alanna Rizzo issued an apology on Friday’s show.

After the Braves beat the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 2 of the National League Divisional Series Monday, Atlanta shortstop Orlando Arcia mocked Philadelphia’s Bryce Harper in the clubhouse, saying “Ha-ha, atta-boy, Harper!” Arcia did not intend for the comment to get back to Harper, believing what he said in the clubhouse would stay in the clubhouse. But having never requested it to be off the record, Arcia’s comments were shared by Jake Mintz, sparking a debate over what should and shouldn’t be reported from a team’s locker room.

Thursday afternoon, Rizzo became Mintz’s harshest critic, calling the Fox Sports reporter a “jackoff” and accusing him of attempting to make a name for himself by taking Arcia’s mockery of Harper out of context. Rizzo’s rant received significant pushback from sports media members and the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA), not just for her opinion on what should information should remain in an MLB clubhouse, but for her willingness to take personal shots at Mintz. And Friday afternoon, during her first segment on High Heat with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on MLB Network, Rizzo issued a public apology to Mintz.

“I wanted to give a very heartfelt apology to Jake Mintz and the entire BBWAA,” Rizzo said. “What I said yesterday about Jake was completely inappropriate, it was inaccurate and it was beyond unprofessional. I got caught up in heat of the moment. But I have to say, the media, of course the BBWAA and the credentialed media do a tremendous job covering the sport that we love.

“And what I said was completely off base and I’ve had an interesting 24 hours and I’ve learned a lot more and I apologize to Jake. I talked to him already, I apologized to him privately and I also apologize to him publicly. They do a good job in the clubhouse and I was completely inaccurate in my assessment of what went down there.”

After Rizzo made her statement, Mintz acknowledged her initial rant was “incredibly hurtful/uncalled for” before noting he’s glad she apologized. Mintz added that he hopes everyone can now move on from this story, which amazingly overtook the MLB Playoffs, while urging social media trolls to refrain from sending hate or personal attacks Rizzo’s way.

There is a reasonable debate to be had about what info should or shouldn’t be reported from a team’s clubhouse or locker room. But the discussion can be held without insulting colleagues and attempting to discredit a credible reporter.

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