The Kansas City Chiefs, playing in their fourth consecutive AFC Championship Game, entered Sunday with the chance to make it to three consecutive Super Bowls, a feat that only three teams have ever done. And for one half, it certainly seemed as though it was a foregone conclusion.

However, the Cincinnati Bengals put on a furious comeback that took the game to overtime where they shocked the Chiefs in overtime on their home field, ending their season.

While it’s no small feat to make it to the AFC Championship, it’s a disappointing finish for a franchise that came into the season expecting to play for a Super Bowl championship and was considered by many as one of the favorites to do so.

But don’t tell that to Kansas City TV station KMBC, who tweeted out a supportive message following the upset loss that might have made sense if they were talking about the Bengals, but certainly not the Chiefs.


Let’s break this down real quick.

“AGAINST ALL ODDS.” Actually, no, the odds were very much in your favor. Vegas had the Chiefs as a touchdown favorite today.

“We were never supposed to be here.” Again, most people expect you to be here before the season started.

“We were never meant to make it this far.” Gonna have to disagree with you on that one as well.

“But against all odds, we did.” As we said, there were very little odds against you, two-time defending conference champs.

“What a season.” Factually, it was a very interesting season for KC, who started slow and fought back to get as far as they did.

So, one out of those five sentences checks out.

As you might imagine, this attempt at some kind of “we were underdogs” mantra didn’t pass the smell test for a lot of people around the NFL.

We suppose that Chiefs fans can look at the reactions to this tweet and use it to fuel their “the world is against us” mentality needed to get back to the AFC Championship Game for the fifth-straight year next season.


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