In December 2017, New York sports radio legend Mike Francesa signed off from WFAN, only to return to the station a few months later.

Well, on Wednesday, Francesa announced that he’s leaving WFAN (again), as well as his hour at Francesa had already left his afternoon show in December, and will now leave his half-hour show with WFAN.

Francesa’s final show was on Friday, and here he is signing off:

“To all of you out there who have listened from the very beginning… you know, the Sunday morning NFL show was the show that put me on the map. I was first heard on this station in July 1987. I first did my first show by myself sitting in for Pete Franklin on Thanksgiving Day 1987. I’ve been doing shows on The Fan regularly ever since. I’ve been there for 33 years; The Fan has been my home for 33 years. It will always be my home. It will always be part of my being.

And I thank all of you for… hey, it’s about you, it’s about the audience. Without you listening, without you being there day after day, I would never have had the run that I’ve had. And I’ve had one of the really enduring runs in the history of radio, which I’m very, very proud of. For 33 years, and to have a show that was as successful as it was for all those years. First with ‘The Dog’ for 19 years, and then by myself afterwards.

So, I thank you for that. And you guys have been great, you really have. I wish you all very well. Be safe during these crazy times. And it’s not goodbye… you’ll hear from me again somewhere sometime. But until we meet again, be safe. And again, thank you very much for all these years, and all these memories. And again, without you, it never would’ve happened. So I thank all of you very, very much, and I’ll see you along the way. Again, thank you, and enjoy this crazy year as best you can. It’s good to have baseball back. Again, be safe and enjoy this year as best you can. We’ll see you along the way. And again, until we meet again, be safe. Thank you, bye. 

Note that Francesa said how this “isn’t goodbye” and we’ll hear from him “again somewhere sometime.” So, we’ll have to wait and see if his departure is truly final this time.

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