The Colin Cowherd-Kristine Leahy-LaVar Ball news cycle may have passed, but there’s one more commentary on the matter that’s definitely worth watching.

If you’ve been under a rock for the last week, Ball went on Colin Cowherd’s FS1 show and got into it with Herd’s co-host Kristine Leahy. Ball was upset at Leahy for comments she made criticizing his parenting and responded by not even looking at her, mocking her, and dismissing the notion of marketing his shoes towards women. Ball crossing the line was going to happen eventually and FS1 only has themselves to blame with the network giving him CNN-Donald Trump levels of free publicity. Finally, it’s perhaps led the sports media to hopefully rethink their Lavar Ball obsession as unsurprising as it is.

In the aftermath, Cowherd, predictably, championed himself as the real victor in all of this by saying that he’s changing sports radio in giving Leahy the opportunity to be his co-host. Yes, really.

CSNNE’s Trenni Kusnierek saw right through Cowherd’s self-aggrandizing comments and delivered this take on Friday night before Celtics-Cavaliers Game 2. Even though it’s a couple days old, she rightfully takes apart Cowherd’s false sense of chivalry and hypocrisy.

Kudos to Kusnierek for calling out Cowherd and seeing right through his comments. If that wasn’t strong enough for you, she also went on WEEI and called Cowherd a “lying sack of crap” again citing ESPN trying to pair him up with a female co-host before he left for Fox.

There’s dozens of things you can take issue with Cowherd for during his Fox and ESPN career, but this has always been his schtick. He paints himself as the most progressive guy in the world but then does regressive things like make ignorant comments about Dominican baseball players and somehow he still holds the most bizarre grudge in all of sports media against John Wall.

But his idea that he is single-handedly changing the sports media industry is really something else. Just look at this ridiculous studio set-up. What message does it send when Leahy is seated all the way across the room and Ball is turned to face Cowherd with his back to her? How is this set-up including her in any conversation or valuing her perspective? How is it changing sports radio? What does it say that Cowherd has to be literally and physically lifted up on a pedestal so that he can look down upon his subjects…errr… guests.

You can champion yourself all you want, but the truth always lies in what you do. In the moment, Cowherd didn’t do anything to stand up for Leahy or anyone else. Instead, he complimented Lavar Ball right after he blatantly disrespected his co-host by saying “I’m kind of in to what you’re doing” and “I think you’re pretty shrewd.”