MLB Central hosts Mark DeRosa, Lauren Shehadi, and Robert Flores in 2023. MLB Central hosts Mark DeRosa, Lauren Shehadi, and Robert Flores in 2023. (MLB Network.)

It’s remarkable to see any show make it to 750 episodes with the same cast. That’s the notable anniversary MLB Network’s morning show MLB Central (which currently airs live from 9-11 a.m. ET on weekdays) will be celebrating Wednesday, with hosts Robert Flores, Lauren Shehadi and Mark DeRosa set to host their 750th episode together. Ahead of that, AA got some comments by email from various MLB figures on the trio’s longevity and just what they bring, with veteran TBS/Milwaukee Brewers announcer Brian Anderson calling them “a perfect combination”:

“Lauren, Mark, and Robert are like morning coffee for baseball fans. It’s part of our daily routine for those of us who live the baseball life every day. They have the respect of everyone in the game. A perfect combination of personality, news, analysis, and entertainment. They are a big part of the culture of today’s MLB.”

That combination was also touched on by MLB Network senior coordinating producer Mark Capalbo, who has worked on the show since its 2015 beginnings (which had Matt Vasgersian in place of Flores; Flores took over in 2018, two years after his move to MLBN/NHL Network from ESPN).  Capalbo said the current three personalities have a great combination of overlap and distinctiveness.

“You have three totally different personalities that bring such different strengths and experiences to the show. Their chemistry shines through every day because of the way they play to each other’s strengths in a scripted format while also having the ability to go off-script at any moment. One minute we could be diving into a deep baseball conversation, and the next minute one of them is going on a rant about something that happened in their day-to-day life that they must get off their chest.  After watching one show, the viewer at home gets a little bit of everything from Lauren, Ro Flo and DeRo.”

Capalbo added that all of the MLB Central on-air personalities are always pushing each other and the production staff to excel but in a positive way.

“They challenge the group as a whole to make every show stand out while having a great understanding for all of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes day and night to create the most informative and entertaining morning baseball show possible. The chemistry they have on the air with each other mirrors the chemistry they have with the behind-the-scenes production staff. Lauren, Ro Flo and DeRo have a genuine appreciation for everyone that works on the show, which creates a great camaraderie within the entire show unit.”

Here’s a promo for the trio’s 750th episode:

And MLB Central has won plaudits with players as well, including Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman.

“Nothing better than waking up in the morning and flipping on the tv to get the day going with MLB Central,” Freeman said. “From laughs to awesome breakdowns and everything in between, Dero and the crew have it all.”

MLB Central has hosted a ton of guests over the years, with more than 900 joining the current hosting trio at one time or another. That includes more than 300 active players and 13 different Hall of Famers, but also a lot of celebrities, from John Elway to Guy Fieri to Jon Hamm. And Herbstreit is a noted fan even when not on the show:

The show’s also had lots of newsworthy moments, including Team USA general manager Tony Reagins naming DeRosa that team’s manager for this year’s World Baseball Classic live on the air:

And this trio has had plenty of significant on-location MLB Central broadcasts as well, including from London, England this year for the Cardinals-Cubs series there and from Los Angeles for last year’s All-Star Game. Wednesday’s episode will see them look back at memorable moments from their time together, and will also include a Flores-written piece voiced by Bob Costas on numbers in baseball.

The MLB Central trio will then further celebrate their 750th episode together by throwing out the first pitch at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park ahead of the Phillies’ game against the Baltimore Orioles Wednesday night. It’s cool to see them hit the 750-episode mark. And we’ll see what they have ahead from here.

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