Bills' kicker Tyler Bass after a missed field goal. Buffalo Bills place kicker Tyler Bass (2) missed what would have been a game tying field goal. The Bills lost Ito the Chiefs in the visional round 27-24.

The Buffalo Bills missing another field goal in the waning minutes of a playoff game led to a lot of notable announcing calls. On the English TV broadcast of the Bills’ Divisional Round loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on CBS Sunday, Jim Nantz had “NO! HE DOESN’T MAKE IT! Wide right. The two most dreaded words in Buffalo have surfaced again.” On the Westwood One radio broadcast, Kevin Harlan had “NO GOOD! WIDE RIGHT! WIDE RIGHT! THE BILLS’ KICKER MISSED A FIELD GOAL, WIDE RIGHT! JUBILATION FROM THE CHIEFS’ SIDELINE!” But the Korean broadcast perhaps had even more emotion, and hit at the heartbreak here for Bills’ fans:

And that drew a lot of notice Monday. Here’s some of that:

Missed field goals, and emotional calls thereof, certainly can cross language barriers. And while the calls from Nantz and Harlan both had their own merits and both earned a lot of deserving praise, the Korean call here sure got across just how heartbreaking this moment was for the Bills and many of their fans fans.

Yes, even a successful field goal attempt here wouldn’t have guaranteed even making it to overtime, considering the time left and how well the Chiefs’ offense was clicking. And the reported death threats for Bills’ kicker Tyler Bass after this, which led to him deactivating his social media accounts, are way over the top. But this was a crushing and emotional moment for sure. And the Korean call got that across well.

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