CBS announcer Jim Nantz was praised for his call of a missed field goal in Sunday's divisional round game between the Bills and Chiefs. Photo Credit: CBS JIm Nantz and Tony Romo. Photo Credit: CBS

Sunday night’s divisional round game against the Kansas City Chiefs ended in heartbreaking fashion for the Buffalo Bills. In the process, we were all reminded of the worst loss in Bills franchise history. We were reminded with our eyes and, thanks to Jim Nantz, our ears.

Down three, Buffalo was moving down the field for a potential go-ahead touchdown in the final two minutes of the game. But the drive stalled and with that, the Bills sent out the field goal unit to try to tie the game up. Bass was kicking from the right hash marks with a big wind blowing from his left to right. So, he had to start the kick left or risk the wind grabbing the ball and blowing it well left. Unfortunately for Bass and the Bills, that’s exactly what happened.

There was an easy connection to draw for anyone with a working knowledge of Buffalo’s franchise history. In Super Bowl XXV, Bills kicker Scott Norwood lined up for a game-winning field goal attempt. His kick, like Bass’, sailed wide right and with that, the Bills suffered what would be their first of four straight Super Bowl losses. In case anyone didn’t make that connection, Nantz had you covered.

“No, he doesn’t make it,” Nantz said, as the ball sailed wide. And without missing a beat, he continued. “Wide right. The two most dreaded words in Buffalo have surfaced again.”

Nantz earned praise for his call.

[Photo Credit: CBS]

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