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This week, golfer Ben Silverman trollied his way into a messy situation at The Players. Silverman put himself in a position where, in order to make the cut for the event, he had to hole out from 109 yards away from the hole.

In case you’re wondering, no, it didn’t go great for Silverman. He didn’t get what he wanted on the shot at all. The PGA Tour documented his tireless journey, which provided a hilarious snapshot of the situation.

“He decided to mark his ball when play was suspended Friday night. This led to a unique range session full of 56-degree wedges before his attempt,” the PGA Tour scribed. They published a 56-second video that extensively highlighted Silverman and his unfortunate night on the links.

The post itself is genuinely pretty funny. Obviously, it’s well-meaning and not mean-spirited. Based on the video itself, it was pretty clear that nobody really approached the situation seriously. When you’re that far out? It’s understandable.

There were plenty of jokes and otherwise in the comments.

“Need Johnson Wagner doing this at dawn tomorrow if no other weird shit presents itself this afternoon,” Kevin Van Valkenburg said.

“Horribly missing the green was top-3 funniest possible outcome here,” the Platinum Sombrero account posted. Similar jokes ensued.

The post was truly a work of art, and everyone involved appears better for it.

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