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There is no love loss between Charles Barkley and Skip Bayless, and thanks to a temper tantrum by the latter, their feud raged on this week.

Monday morning on FS1’s Undisputed, Bayless and co-host Shannon Sharpe found themselves embroiled in a heated debate over Tom Brady. As both hosts accused the other of being insulting and disrespectful with personal shots, the video of the exchange went viral.

Fast forward to Inside the NBA Tuesday night, where Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal took a moment to mock Skip and Shannon by mimicking their viral fight, emphasizing memorable quotes such as “Disrespect me again, Skip Bayless!” and “Put your glasses back on.”

While most basketball fans recognized the bit from Barkley and Shaq as their way of mocking the FS1 debate show, Bayless was just thankful for the added attention.

“Charles Barkley: Thank you for so faithfully watching Undisputed,” Bayless tweeted, inadvertently revealing himself as a faithful viewer of Barkley on Inside the NBA.

More than 16 million people watched Bayless and Sharpe yelling at each other this week, and many of their reactions were not flattering. But Bayless couldn’t help himself from responding to Barkley considering their infamous feud which has been uncomfortably tense at times. Earlier this year, Bayless claimed he fears the hate and threats that Barkley has sent his way over the years may actually kill him.

Maybe Barkley is secretly a loyal fan and viewer of Undisputed and just has an odd way of showing his admiration for Bayless. Or maybe, Barkley is just like 95 percent of the 16 million people who watched the wild Skip vs Shannon bout this week and caught it on social media. Even Skip can’t be delusional enough to assume everyone who saw the exchange watched it by tuning into his FS1 show.

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