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Now that Tom Brady has officially retired from the NFL, the next logical step is for him to begin working for Fox as a color commentator alongside Kevin Burkhardt. While Greg Olsen would be the person most directly affected by that move, if it actually happens, it also creates a trickle-down effect that could change all of the other Fox NFL broadcasting teams down the line, perhaps even causing someone to lose their spot.

Mark Sanchez is a little worried that might be him.

Sanchez stopped by The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday and joked about how Brady already impacted the trajectory of his playing career and could now impact the trajectory of his broadcasting career as well.

“I guess thanks for ruining the trajectory of my career for the second time, Tom,” Sanchez said in jest. “I get drafted to the guy’s division. Now he’s gotta come to Fox and ruin everything here. I can’t get away from the guy.

“Hopefully he doesn’t get too annoyed with the hazing we put them through as rookies here at Fox. Hopefully, it doesn’t get too annoying for him.”

Sanchez was selected by the New York Jets in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft, which meant he had to not only adjust to the pro game but also had to do it while being measured against Brady and the New England Patriots in his division. Things didn’t go well for him and by 2014 he was off to the Philadelphia Eagles to begin a journeyman voyage through the league. Before that, however, he left behind the memory of the infamous “butt fumble,” which just so happened to occur against Brady’s Patriots.

Sanchez spent the past season on what would be considered Fox’s No. 5 broadcasting team alongside Kevin Kugler and Laura Okmin. Below them on the list were Chris Myers and Robert Smith. So, in theory, if Brady were to bump someone out of the rotation, it looks like it might be Smith who has a little more to worry about than Sanchez.

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