Keyshawn Johnson and Skip Bayless on Undisputed Photo credit: Undisputed

Keyshawn Johnson believes Saquon Barkley has plenty left in the tank. Enough even to warrant Skip Bayless wearing a diaper.

With Barkley unlikely to receive a franchise tag from the New York Giants this offseason, the 27-year-old running back seems destined for free agency. And as a self-proclaimed Dallas Cowboys superfan, Bayless has no interest in seeing his favorite team sign Barkley. Bayless even claimed that he wouldn’t care if Barkley landed with the Philadelphia Eagles, a claim that was met with a warning from Keyshawn Johnson.

“You got a diaper on right now?” Johnson asked, garnering a look of confusion from Bayless. “Because if Philly gets him, you know you’re gonna need a diaper.”

“Stop,” Bayless said in a dismissive tone. “Stop.”

“No, there ain’t gonna be no stop,” Johnson insisted. “You’re gonna need a diaper is Philly gets him. Because you’re gonna be scared, you know what.”

Johnson asking Bayless if he was wearing a diaper definitely isn’t something anyone has on their Undisputed bingo cards. But just six months into his FS1 tenure alongside Bayless on Undisputed, Johnson probably isn’t aware of his sparring partner’s iron bladder.

“Not once in my 19 years of doing daily live TV shows have I ever gone to the bathroom during a show,” Bayless boasted on his podcast last year. “Not that I haven’t needed to go to the bathroom. But I have never, ever, ever once run to the bathroom during a show. Thank the lord I was born with something of an iron bladder.”

There you have it. Proof that the 72-year-old Bayless definitely does not need a diaper, regardless of where Saquon Barkley ends up playing football next season.

Since returning from vacation, Undisputed has reverted to a more traditional one-on-one debate show this week. Undisputed previously attempted to incorporate a roundtable format over the course of the last six months, but Richard Sherman has not appeared on the show since being arrested last weekend, putting more of the show onus on Bayless and Johnson.


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