Skip Bayless brags about his bladder

Skip Bayless admits he has a gripe with Fox, but it’s not about his recent Twitter controversy or apparent feud with Shannon Sharpe.

Bayless doesn’t like the bathroom locations at Fox. Luckily, the 71-year-old has impeccable bladder control.

Each week on The Skip Bayless Show podcast, the Fox Sports hot take artist is gracious enough to answer questions from listeners. To his credit, Bayless is often raw and unfiltered with those answers. During last week’s episode, Bayless answered a bizarre question that at least one person must have been curious about. What happens when Skip has to go to the bathroom during Undisputed?

Commercial breaks would appear to be the obvious answer. But always the contrarian, Bayless had to be different.

“Not once in my 19 years of doing daily live TV shows have I ever gone to the bathroom during a show,” Bayless bragged. “Not that I haven’t needed to go to the bathroom. But I have never, ever, ever once run to the bathroom during a show. Thank the lord, I was born with something of an iron bladder.”

“That strength of mine is extremely important here at Fox because the bathroom is a long, long way from our studio on the second floor,” the Undisputed host complained. “So this would require a sprint down a long hall and a sprint all the way back down that long hall to make it back to live TV.”

This is an extra impressive feat considering Skip’s noted love for Diet Mountain Dew, which he indulges in each morning. Now that we’ve been graced with this information, I can’t help but wonder who has better bladder control, Skip or Stephen A. Smith?

[The Skip Bayless Show]

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