Joy Taylor on FS1 while an earthquake shook their studio. Joy Taylor on FS1 while an earthquake shook their studio. (Joy Taylor on Twitter/X.)

There have been many sports games and other broadcasts disrupted by earthquakes over the years. The latest there was FS1 studio show Speak Friday, with a on-air segment interrupted by a mild earthquake that hit the Los Angeles area. Host Joy Taylor later shared video of that:

The earthquake in question here was a quake of 4.6 magnitude centered 11 kilometers west-northwest of Malibu, CA, as per the United States Geological Survey. That’s not that disastrous of a quake overall, with more shaking than actual damage reported, but it is certainly notable.

This follows in a long line of earthquake disruptions of sports broadcasts, whether studio shows or live games. Over the years, we’ve seen milder earthquakes interfere with everything from MLB games to the NBA’s Summer League to other FS1 studio shows. And, of course, larger earthquakes have caused massive disruptions, particularly in the 1989 Oakland A’s-San Francisco Giants World Series (which Bob Ley played an important role in covering).

Fortunately, this earthquake wasn’t severe enough to spark any postponements. It didn’t even end the Speak broadcast in question. But Taylor did well to roll with this, acknowledge there was something odd happening, and then continue with the broadcast. It ultimately wasn’t that disruptive of a moment, but it was still notable.

[Joy Taylor on Twitter/X]

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