Independence Day is a celebration of the United States and one 4th of July tradition is to set off fireworks and once the fireworks go off, our pets usually try to find a place to hide thinking that the world is ending.

Mother Nature decided to start the rumbling a little bit early this Independence Day as a 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook Southern California. While Californians are probably unaffected by a 6.4 earthquake, it’s big enough that people can feel the shocks. One person who experienced the earthquake first hand was Colin Cowherd, who was on-air hosting The Herd on FS1 and Fox Sports Radio as the earthquake happened.

Cowherd said that was the first time he experienced an earthquake while on-the-air but he sure handled it like a pro. It was a big enough earthquake to feel it but Cowherd not only keeps going but does an ad read before going to commercial. An earthquake isn’t going to stop Colin’s show.


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