The Dan Le Batard Show has the MVP Bar and Nick Wright launched Club Superstar. An example of great minds thinking alike? Or is Nick Wright a content stealer? According to the Le Batard Show’s Amin Elhassan, it’s blatant thievery.

Tuesday morning, Wright officially opened Club Superstar on his Fox Sports 1 morning show First Things First, revealing which NBA players are in, and which are waiting on line outside. The announcement from Wright, and specifically the graphic to go along with the grand opening, caught Elhassan’s attention for being emblematic of the MVP Bar.

“It is a picture of a bouncer outside of a club with players lined up trying to get in,” Elhassan said, as he angrily described Wright’s Club Superstar announcement. “Oh I’m sorry, like the MVP BAR, NICK WRIGHT? The one that me and Zach Harper have been talking about for two damn years? You’re just going to steal our whole bit?”

Club Superstar celebrated its grand opening on First Things First with Wright announcing the 12 players that he’s letting into the fantasy nightclub. But the creative spin on what is usually a tired Mount Rushmore type of sports debate did look eerily similar to the Le Batard Show’s MVP Bar.

“Oh my god,” Le Batard said after seeing the two images side by side. “Nick Wright, you fraud! You grifter, Nick Wright! He’s just stealing sh*t now, outright and putting it on Fox?”

A damning accusation from Le Batard, and one that Wright quickly pushed back on, alerting the show that Club Superstar is something that’s been in the works for months. Which is true. Club Superstar celebrated its grand opening Tuesday morning, but it’s been discussed and promoted on First Things First since at least early April, from what I can recall. But as Elhassan noted, the MVP Bar has been open for years! Years is much longer than weeks or months.

Still, Wright is determined to clear his name from being a content thief, a dirty person and getting marred by any sort of potential exile from The Dan Le Batard Show. Claiming he was unaware of the MVP Bar and that the two bits are different, Wright requested to join the show this week to defend his segment and creativity.

We’ll see if that comes to pass.

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