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Craig Carton is feeling the wrath of those darn aggregators again, firing back after comments from his FS1 show were taken out of context.

Carton isn’t the first sports media figure to complain about aggregators aggregating his content without context. But he might be the first to complain about the show that bears his own name being the culprit. Carton, who hosts The Carton Show on FS1, put his own show on blast for taking him out of context in a tweet that has since been deleted from social media.

Tuesday morning on The Carton Show, they discussed whether the New York Giants’ Daniel Jones is a top-10 quarterback in the NFL. Former NFL wide receiver Greg Jennings put Jones ninth, while Carton had the Giants quarterback outside his top-15. The host later rattled off a list of 15 quarterbacks he thought were better than Jones, which prompted The Carton Show to write the following post.

The Carton Show takes Craig Carton out of context
Photo credit: The Carton Show

Naturally, sharing a list of quarterbacks that puts Patrick Mahomes on the same level as Trevor Lawrence and attributing the reprehensible analysis to Carton was going to garner backlash. And in response to that backlash, he claimed the since deleted list was false.

“For whatever it is worth (not much I’m sure) I never ranked the QB’s this morning,” Carton wrote. “The post that was put out was 100% out of context and not at all what I said. For the record Patrick Mahomes is the best QB in the world. Go back to whatever you were doing.”

Upon further review, Carton is right. He never ranked the quarterbacks, but listed 15 quarterbacks he thought were better than Daniel Jones and before he got to number three on the list, he said “in no particular order,” seemingly excusing the list from being deemed a ranking.

The Carton Show, however, did their eponymous host dirty, making it seem like he was arguing Patrick Mahomes and Trevor Lawrence are equals for clicks and social media attention. It’s one thing for the usual list of offenders to make this blunder, see JJ Redick about who those regular offenders are, but getting taken out of context by your own show is hilarious.

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