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As the United States and the world braced for a Donald Trump vs Joe Biden rematch next fall, Colin Cowherd sneered at the political climate while cutting quite the promo for Fox News.

Near the end of his Wednesday afternoon Fox Sports Radio show, Cowherd reacted to this week’s Super Tuesday coverage and quickly mocked the idea of seeing Trump and Biden on the ballot during this fall’s presidential election.

“Is anybody excited about Trump vs Biden? Because that’s what we got. Is anybody excited about that? That’s not great, right?” Cowherd asked while cringing. “It is going to be the most cantankerous, ugliest, snarky, mean…ughhh, it is going to be awful!

“But you should watch Fox News if you have a choice,” Cowherd shamelessly added with a chuckle. “You know, our owners own that.”

A true company man. Well, kind of. Cowherd has cited watching CNN on several occasions during his Fox Sports Radio and FS1 show, repeatedly noting that he prefers to check in on multiple cable news channels. But Cowherd’s current disdain for the political climate and cable news coverage probably resonates with a lot of his listeners. If you’re a Fox executive, however, you may not have enjoyed Cowherd’s backhanded promo for their cable news network.

“I watched it for a while last night and it was all sort of in good spirit, everybody was kind of smiling as they were negative,” Cowherd said. “But I thought, ‘This thing is going to turn.’ You know by September, October, November, it’s gonna get ugly.”

And after Cowherd finished talking about politics, he offered up his show as a political escape for those of you who have no interest in watching cable news networks during election season.

“This will be the show, during all that ugliness, that you can come over, laugh, get a few college basketball betting tips,” Cowherd said.

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