Colin Cowherd says he was approached by political networks

Back off, cable news. Colin Cowherd is a sports host, and he’s not going anywhere. The political talk realm might be tempting to Stephen A. Smith, but for Cowherd, it doesn’t appear to be nearly as enticing.

During a recent segment about LeBron James on his Fox Sports Radio show, Cowherd revealed that he’s been approached by political networks multiple times to gauge his interest on making a career pivot.

“This has happened twice in my career,” Cowherd said. “Where somebody in political media has said, ‘Would you come to our network and do politics?’ And I always say the same thing, ‘I’m too happy to do politics.’ I don’t manufacture outrage. I’m outraged maybe once a year.”

Cowherd doesn’t manufacture outrage, something cable news networks and political pundits feed off. Cowherd manufactures wild takes and analogies, but he always presents those with tempered emotions. Another area where Cowherd fails to fit the political talk scene is his willingness to flip-flop on takes. Cowherd admits he’s willing to change his opinion on a take, and he does it often. That approach is pretty much outlawed on cable news, where the talking heads are seemingly required to stick with their party allegiances.

“I just saw something on the internet during the break that we had an unbelievable January jobs report. That used to be good news,” Cowherd said. “You can’t celebrate that anymore. Half the country is like, ‘Hey, you’re one of them libs!’ We had a good jobs report! Americans have jobs, more Americans have jobs than ever.

According to Cowherd, just as political pundits can’t unanimously celebrate good news in America, society similarly struggles to praise LeBron James even as he’s about to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring record.

“It’s a good jobs report. LeBron’s great. He opened a school,” Cowherd continued. “You used to just be able to celebrate kindness and celebrate cool and celebrate good weather and celebrate a good jobs report. Everybody’s bitter. Everybody’s angry. Nobody likes anybody.”

“LeBron James grew up with no dad and total chaos in his life,” Cowherd said. “And we’re outraged cause of some opinion on basketball in China? Really? That’s got you all worked up? Yeah, I know when I go out with my friends on a Friday night knocking down bourbon, that whole China-LeBron thing, we just can’t stop talking about it! Feigning mock outrage.”

Feigning mock outrage over LeBron James? That appears to be a shot at Skip Bayless. While Cowherd’s colleagues at Fox News may portray outrage over LeBron James’ hesitance to denounce China, it’s his colleague at Fox Sports who is the foremost leader of feigning mock outrage. No one has hated on LeBron more than Bayless throughout his career. No one seeks to temper the greatness of LeBron more than Bayless. And no one digs his heels in on a brutal take more than Bayless. Maybe those cable networks should be giving Skip a call.

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