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If you heard Skip Bayless talking about his middle school athletic career last week and need some clarity on the situation, Cam’Ron is here to give it.

In yet another chapter in the saga of Cam’Ron and the It Is What It Is crew versus Bayless, Cam’Ron called out Bayless on Monday’s episode for “reaching” for attention this year more than ever after Bayless tried to flex his Athlete of the Year award from approximately 1964 as a credential for doing sports commentary.

The conversation arose when Bayless denied comments from Jay Crawford on the Awful Announcing Podcast in which Crawford indicated Rose was banned from First Take more than a decade ago for calling out Bayless’s poor high school basketball scoring average.

“Skip, you’ve gotta let this **** go,” Cam’Ron said on the latest IIWII. “You’re eighth grade with it … you probably were playing when no Black people could play in Oklahoma. It was probably segregated. **** was definitely segregated when you was All-Star AAU.

“You played in black and white.”

Cam’Ron continued by going in even harder on Bayless’ endless grasps toward relevance.

“Skip, stop with all this athlete **** because every time you talk about it, you’re embarrassing yourself,” Cam’Ron said. “(Bayless) is like, ‘oh my god, how do I be cool?'”

Cam’Ron wants all athletes and hip-hop stars to avoid Bayless unless he pays up.

“If anybody that’s popping on the Gram, social media, do not go up there for free,” Cam’Ron added. “(Bayless) is using you all for cool points because he don’t know how to be cool. He’s so uncomfortable.”

The hip-hop legend turned sports personality clearly despises Bayless on a deep level. He believes Bayless is using Black athletes and hip-hop stars to maintain relevance. And he wants anyone who Bayless props up to be compensated for feeding Bayless’s ego and keeping him employed.

[It Is What It Is on YouTube]

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