The Pick Is In

The NFL’s relationship with Roku will continue.

Per a release on Monday from Roku, the company has renewed its docuseries The Pick Is In for a second season. That season will cover the 2024 NFL Draft in Detroit, following a still-to-be-announced and determined set of teams through the draft process.

In announcing the renewal of The Pick Is In for a second season, Roku touted the success of the inaugural edition. Roku’s release says that the series “drew more new and returning users to The Roku Channel than any previous Roku Original documentary title” with a younger audience.

The first season of The Pick Is In followed four teams, the Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Jacksonville Jaguars, through all three days of the 2023 NFL Draft. It was created in partnership with NFL Films and Skydance Sports, part of the NFL/Skydance joint venture announced last November.

In his review of The Pick Is In, Michael Grant said only the Cowboys stood out among the four teams featured and they were able to “provide the best moments” in the series. He also said that “most of the inside access comes across as guarded and sanitized.”

Hopefully, whichever teams take part pull the curtain back a bit more and give the cameras more access and insight. We’ll have to patiently wait to see which teams will be involved, but the teams near the top of the first round and those with multiple first-round picks will likely provide the most intrigue to viewers.


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