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If every accusation of bias against Joe Buck were true, he would somehow have to be simultaneously rooting for and against every NFL and MLB team. An impressive, yet exhausting feat.

While Buck is enjoying the NFL offseason and his third spring/summer without Major League Baseball responsibilities, he’s still fielding criticism from fans who are certain the legendary play-by-play announcer hates their favorite team. The latest critic being a Philadelphia Phillies fan who accused Buck of appearing disgusted after Philly won the 2008 World Series.

“Phillies are world champions!” was Buck’s call after Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske to clinch the 2008 series. That call was enough for at least one fan to accuse Buck of hating the Phillies and doing a “terrible” job on the call. Surprisingly, Buck responded to the social media criticism.

“All good, but in my mind listening to a home crowd dominate while their team is winning a World Series in front of them is ALWAYS more exciting than me talking all over it,” Buck wrote. “Just a choice. And I never cared who won. You did. I was doing my job. Which I loved.”

For all of his fame and notoriety, Buck never allows commentary to take away from the moment, which was on full display during his final call of the 2008 World Series. And as Buck later noted, the less is more mentality emulated what the late Vin Scully did on his way to becoming arguably the greatest play-by-play voice in baseball history.

“Last point. Then on to carpool. Listen to the greatest to ever do it – Vin Scully – call the final out of 1988 with the Dodgers and A’s. He isn’t grandstanding or screaming and yelling. He called it and documented it. That’s “national” game announcing as far as I can tell.”

Scully wasn’t just the greatest baseball announcer ever, he was the greatest storyteller ever, which happens to fit baseball so well. His ability to tell a story while calling a game, seamlessly weaving the two, was unmatched. But even Scully, as impartial an announcer as there was, received complaints from fans claiming he hated their team.

One thing is almost certain, however, whether it’s Buck, Scully, Bob Costas, Al Michaels or any other announcer fielding complaints, those criticisms likely never came from an unbiased fan. Phillies fans accused Buck of hating their team during the 2008 World Series, and he probably received some of the same complaints from Tampa Bay fans, albeit less because Rays fans are few and far between. But there were no impartial fans in Boston, Chicago, New York, or San Francisco reaching out to Buck with the complaint that he showed bias during the 2008 World Series. Which means Buck is always far less biased than the fans complaining he is biased.

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