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ESPN is interested in putting The Pat McAfee Show on radio, even though McAfee previously said his show does a disservice to the listening audience.

McAfee officially landed at ESPN in May, signing what was reported as a five-year $85 million contract to bring his talents to the Worldwide Leader. While those talents include being a former radio host, McAfee’s undefined role at ESPN has not been advertised as hosting a radio show. According to Andrew Marchand and Ryan Glasspiegel of The New York Post, however, ESPN hopes to offer its radio affiliates across the country the opportunity to simulcast McAfee’s daily noon – 3pm show, although it’s not definite.

ESPN needs an influx of celebrity and talent in their weekday radio lineup, and they have a massive sports media celebrity and talent in Pat McAfee. Previously, McAfee’s show aired on CBS Sports Radio and SiriusXM, making it seem like an obvious fit for ESPN Radio. But since leaving terrestrial and satellite radio, McAfee has put more effort into the video side of his show.

Shortly after signing his massive deal with ESPN, McAfee joined Jimmy Traina’s Sports Illustrated Media Podcast and was asked about the possibility of putting his show on ESPN Radio. While McAfee was open to it, he seemed hesitant to portray it as a great fit.

“We quickly realized we’re almost doing a disservice to the people that only listen,” McAfee told Traina of his show. “We want people to know that we’re like an optic show, a video show, because I think a lot of that has to feed into what we’re talking about. Now, if ESPN decides, and we have a conversation, ‘You want to go on ESPN Radio or SiriusXM?’ Or anything like that, I think I’d be open to that, I’d be thankful to get back in…but it wasn’t a focal point of the conversation because it’s not really our first thought. If that makes sense.”

Putting McAfee on ESPN Radio means more distribution and a bigger platform for his show. But ESPN Radio needs McAfee much more than McAfee needs ESPN Radio. In recent years, ESPN Radio has gone from a respected media brand to a revolving door of hosts and shows. The platform was hit hard by recent layoffs and its morning show featuring Max Kellerman, Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams was just shuttered.  Mike Greenberg provides ESPN Radio with some credibility, but that’s in name only, because it’s rare to find him hosting his own show with any sort of consistency.

Since signing with ESPN, McAfee has incessantly promised fans that his show will not change once it launches on their network this fall. Putting McAfee on ESPN Radio sounds like a good idea in theory, but it either means the show will have to change, or listeners will need to accept the disservice of listening to a show that caters to a viewing audience.

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