Pat McAfee and Dan Orlovsky Credit: The Pat McAfee Show

Pat McAfee was one of the first sports media hosts to bring Dan Orlovsky on after the former NFL quarterback retired, and was peeved this week when Orlovsky gave credit to NFL Network and Fox’s Peter Schrager over him for his start in media.

McAfee called Orlovsky out on this when Orlovsky joined The Pat McAfee Show on Friday.

“Let’s go back to 2017, shall we?” McAfee said as his producers flashed a photo of Orlovsky on PMS in 2017. “Look at your doofus a**, monotone-speaking a**. You remember this? When we would fall asleep while you were talking?”

Orlovsky clarified his public thank-yous to Schrager and Mike Greenberg are for helping him get his start on television. The NFL Live panelist and ESPN game analyst then included McAfee on his list of supporters to make the PMS host feel better.

“There’s three people that I never say no to,” Orlovsky said, teasing his former teammate McAfee for his sensitivity. “Greeny, Stephen A., McAfee.”

Orlovsky got his start posting film breakdowns on social media after he retired.

Schrager messaged him online and asked him to come break down Patrick Mahomes on Good Morning Football, so Orlovsky paid his way to New York City to join the crew in-studio and walk viewers through Mahomes tape.

Schrager told the story as part of GMF‘s goodbye to New York this week (which is a whole other mess).

Orlovsky joined ESPN in 2018, and by 2022 was part of the network’s No. 2 NFL broadcasting booth.

Today, Orlovsky is one of ESPN’s top NFL analysts and is openly vying for a top game analyst or coaching job.

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