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Good Morning Football signed off from New York City for the final time on Friday and, as expected, Kyle Brandt addressed his uncertain future on the show.

During a segment that ran in the show’s final half hour, Brandt spoke directly to the audience while on the streets of NYC. And after thanking a laundry list of the program’s behind-the-scenes crew, the former Real World cast member turned his attention to the uncertainty surrounding GMFB as it moves to Los Angeles.

“Now I am saying goodbye to all these people, but I am not saying goodbye to any of you. That’s very important, Brandt told the audience. “It is exhilarating to me that you watch this show. That you are watching right now. And I know you have questions, because I’ve seen them. Why is this happening? Who’s going to LA? Why would you take something that you got so right and change it? Some of those answers I don’t know. Some of them are not mine to give. And candidly, I have a lot of questions myself.

“Here’s what I know: I personally will be intensely involved in Good Morning Football moving forward. And I want to spend the rest of my career with the NFL. And Good Morning Football is not ending, it is expanding. And it’s exciting because it’s a bigger show, it’s more show. And it’s all the things and the tokens you’ve woken up with for years. Angry Runs, Lead Block, Whiteboard Wednesday, Throwdown Thursday and on and on and on. It’s all in. It’s all happening. And yes, we will be covering the draft. GMFB is leaving home for college. But it’s time to evolve.”

Brandt went on to wax poetic about what New York City has meant to the show before symbolically running down the street. But as has often been the case with GMFB‘s long and strange goodbye to the Big Apple since the move was first announced earlier this month, his comment left more questions than answers.

Is he actually going with the show to LA? He certainly seems to be implying so, but if he is, then why not just say it? And if he’s not, how will he be able to remain “intensely involved” with the program while remaining in NYC?

Also how will Good Morning Football be covering the draft next month when it was previously announced that it will be going on a hiatus beginning after Friday’s show and returning around the start of training camp this summer? At this point, we know that Jamie Erdahl is heading to LA and that Brandt will remain heavily involved in the program in some capacity. Meanwhile, Peter Schrager’s future on GMFB remains uncertain and Jason McCourty didn’t explicitly say whether he’ll be LA-bound when he made his own show-closing comments on Friday.

Add it all up and GMFB‘s NYC signoff only furthers the notion that the decision to move to the West Coast was made hastily and has been executed sloppily. And despite Brandt’s reassurances, it would be more than understandable to remain concerned that the NFL Network is risking ruining its signature show with an unnecessary cross-country move.

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