Pablo Torre discussing his hair ahead of Around The Horn. Pablo Torre discussing his hair ahead of Around The Horn. (Around The Horn on Twitter.)

ESPN’s Around The Horn is mostly known for its panelists’ sports takes, but it turns out they also have some surprising hygiene discussions. And, unusually for a conversation featuring “ESPN personality” and “hygiene takes,” this one did not directly involve Dan Orlovsky. Instead, this comes from a clip of the panelists’ pre-show discussion Tuesday, which started with Bob Ryan revealing the 90-second showers he takes at his summer place in Maine thanks to its lack of hot water (fellow panelist Pablo Torre did call that “a borderline Orlovsky,” but it seems more reasonable than many things Orlovsky does). And that then prompted perhaps a more surprising revelation still from Torre, who talked about how he doesn’t use shampoo, but rather puts hand lotion in his hair:

Torre’s comments there start around 1:11, with him saying “I’m off shampoo. I’m off shampoo, guys.” Then, following further discussion between Ryan and fellow panelist Mina Kimes about their haircare routines, moderator Tony Reali asks Torre for more details on his no-shampoo policy, and Torre provides them. “I’m off shampoo. I’ll wash my hair, but I’m not gonna…I need these oils, man. I need my essential oils.”

Reali then asks “What are you washing with, roots and berries?” Torre says “I mean, effectively. Shampoo dries me out, man. I mean, granted, I’m also a hand lotion in the hair guy now. I’m just throwing stuff in there, trying to get viscosity up. Just water and hopes and dreams, that’s what we’re doing.”

It is notable to hear more hygiene takes from ESPN personalities, especially ones whose names aren’t Dan O. (no, that’s too obvious, D. Orlovsky). And there are many people out there advocating for the benefits of using shampoo more seldomly than every day, or sometimes even not at all, so ESPN/Meadowlark figure Torre is not the only one with a no-shampoo take. But it is interesting to hear him talk about putting hand lotion in his hair. And while he won’t be getting any shampoo endorsements any time soon after this, perhaps he can pick up a hand lotion one?

[The Big Lead; image from Around The Horn on Twitter]

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