NFL Live cast incorrectly predicting Lions-Rams Wild Card matchup Photo Credit: ESPN

The Detroit Lions were able to secure their first playoff victory in over 30 years on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams. This also subsequently meant that the cast of ESPN’s NFL Live — which had unanimously predicted a Rams victory — had to eat crow.

Mina Kimes hilariously did just that on social media.

Despite the Lions actually being the favorites in this matchup, the entire NFL Live crew consisting of Kimes, Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Laura Rutledge, and Ryan Clark predicted that the Rams would win this matchup.

Fans were quick to point this out on social media after the Lions’ victory, mentioning Kimes on social media after the game had concluded.

The interaction started with Kimes tweeting out that she was happy for Lions quarterback Jared Goff and the “turnaround” he has made in his career.

One Twitter/X user then responded with a screenshot showing all the wrong predictions from the NFL Live cast.

Naturally, Kimes saw this and owned up to the incorrect prediction.

“We knew we f’d up lol,” wrote Kimes.

Kimes wasn’t the only NFL Live cast member to address their pick on the show. Dan Orlovsky also acknowledged his wrong prediction while congratulating the Lions on their win.

“Congrats to the Lions. So happy for that organization and fans. I thought Rams would win. I was wrong.”

It’s understandable to see missed picks on a postseason game. As the saying goes, truly anything can happen once it hits the playoffs. But for all five of the cast members of the show to all be incorrect is pretty jarring.

At least Kimes took it with a smile and was able to poke fun at herself as only she can.

[Mina Kimes on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: ESPN]

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