Mike Greenberg discussing Aaron Rodgers VP rumors Photo Credit: Get Up on ESPN

The sports media world has already been having a field day with reports of Aaron Rodgers potentially serving as the running mate on an independent presidential ticket with Presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on the upcoming 2024 election ballot. And naturally, longtime Jets fan Mike Greenberg has plenty to say on the matter during Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s Get Up.

Aaron Rodgers has continuously shown that he is open and even eager to delve into topics outside of sports publicly, whether that be his vaccine stance or his criticisms of current U.S. President Joe Biden.

But for even the biggest Aaron Rodgers supporters, the idea of him actually potentially becoming the Vice President of the United States, even if is it an unlikely scenario, is utterly ridiculous.

Greenberg has been an avid supporter of Rodgers ever since joining the Jets last offseason. But even he had to laugh at the idea of any sort of a political career for Rodgers at this point.

“Look, people are asking me for a reaction to all of this,” said Greenberg on Get Up. “At some point, you just have to laugh. Louis (Riddick) was surprised earlier that I wasn’t all upset. How upset about this can you possibly be?

“The New York Jets basically tore their entire franchise apart. Said we are going to build absolutely everything about one human being. And it wasn’t the wrong thing to do. It gave them a fighting chance to be something they haven’t been for a decade, which is a laughing stock.

“They built everything around this one guy. Four plays in, and down he goes. Okay, we’re going to have to wait another year. Gonna way another year. Another year goes by and then what, he’s running for Vice President? Are you kidding me? Literally, I downloaded the Mad Libs app on my phone today and I tried creating a Mad Lib crazier than this but I can’t do it. It’s not possible. Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction.”

As a Jets fan, Greenberg really did a great job here of breaking down exactly how absurd Rodgers’ entire tenure with the Jets has been thus far. And it could be getting even weirder should he actually be chosen by Kennedy Jr. as his running mate.

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