Tuesday was Election Day in America but it took until Saturday for most of the major news organizations to officially declare Joe Biden the winner and the next President of the United States. There are few announcements these days that necessitate just about every TV station breaking away from their current programming to share but this was certainly one of them. Given the timing on a Saturday morning, that meant a bunch of sports programming over on ESPN and Fox needed to take a back seat for the official word to get out.

On ESPN, the announcement came right in the middle of College GameDay. Rece Davis was tasked with breaking away from the ongoing discussion to share the update via ABC’s news desk.

Shame we couldn’t have gotten Lee Corso to don a giant Biden head, but we understand the need to be understated here.

Over on Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, it was already a strange setup as the entire usual crew was out of action dealing with COVID quarantine. As for the replacement crew, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Emmanuel Acho, and host Charissa Thompson,¬†they sent their broadcast away to Fox News…or at least they eventually did. There was not only a strange lag between the switch then some equally awkward banter between the hosts as we all waited for it.

Hey, it’s a weird time, we’ll give them a mulligan on that one.

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