Desmond Howard holds up a chair on College GameDay. Screengrab via ESPN.

If you’ve been online at any point in the last month you have probably come across video of the “Montgomery Riverfront Brawl.” If your Wi-Fi or 5G has been out for the last month or perhaps you’ve been traveling overseas, has all the local coverage of the fight and aftermath to catch you up.

The basics are that a group of white boaters attacked a Black dock worker for trying to get their boat to move. After assaulting the dock worker, many bystanders (mostly Black) fought back against the boaters as the situation deteriorated into a prototypical Pier Six brawl. The fight became a flashpoint for commentary on America’s racial divide and, of course, social media memes. One of those bystanders swung a white folding chair like he was The Rock swinging away at Mankind at the 1999 Royal Rumble. Thus, the white folding chair became the meme that “won the internet” according to Rolling Stone.

Enter Desmond Howard on College GameDay emanating from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Howard is known for going against the grain with his picks. So it wasn’t a surprise that he picked Texas to upset Alabama. What was a surprise was when he pulled out a white folding chair with a Longhorn logo on it to do so.

Hilariously and predictably, Kirk Herbstreit clearly had no idea what the connection was about while Pat McAfee was all about it.

Those in the know on social media loved the reference from Howard.

As for the accuracy of the pick, not only did Howard provide a subtle moment of brilliance with the white folding chair, but he correctly called the upset as the Longhorns beat the Crimson Tide 34-24 on Saturday night.