Risk is a part of life, but if we’ve learned anything, it’s that you should never, ever propose in public if you’re not reasonably sure the person you’re proposing to is going to say yes. That was a chance that Dack Lambert was ready to take this Saturday.

Saturday, ESPN’s College GameDay visited Lincoln, Nebraska to highlight the upcoming game between Nebraska and Ohio State. They were festivities, they were special guests, there were corncob hats, and there were, of course, lots of signs.

One sign, in particular, caught the attention of a lot of viewers, even though its intention was to catch the eye of just one.

While most viewers tuned in to find out what silly hat Lee Corso would don, many shifted focus to finding out whether or not Lexi said yes and Dack did, in fact, put a ring on it.

The guy holding the sign, who it turns out was not Dack, seemed to have a lot of faith in the answer (0:25 in the video below):

And so, we waited to find out if true love had scored a touchdown or if Cupid’s arrow would sail wide right. Regardless of what happens between the Huskers and the Buckeyes on the field, we soon learned that there was at least one victory on the day.

Congrats to the two lovebirds and congrats for keeping the College GameDay Big Ten proposal streak alive. Back in 2018, a Penn State fan proposed live on TV, earning bonus points for actually getting on one knee right then and there. “Dream Big” isn’t just a conference slogan for on-field success, it seems.

It’s a ballsy proposition, but if you’re feeling pretty good about your chances, it looks like College GameDay is truly where love is born.

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