College GameDay: Week 5

“Blessed are Saturdays, for there is college football.”
– God, probably

It’s the greatest day of the week, you guys: college football Saturday. And what a Saturday we have ahead of us. Stanford and Notre Dame meet as undefeated teams for the first time since the 1925 Rose Bowl; #20 BYU plays #11 Washington in Seattle; Lee Corso predicted a Texas Tech upset of West Virginia; and of course we have our marquee matchup of top ten Big Ten teams, Ohio State at Penn State. I’m also excited about Ole Miss at LSU and Oregon at Cal. If you need me, I’ll be on my couch for the next 12 hours.

Let’s slide right into the basics of this week’s GameDay:

Game: #4 Ohio State Buckeyes at #9 Penn State Nittany Lions
Location: State College, Pennsylvania
Did Opposing Fans Show Up: A smattering of red shirts were visible, but Ohio State was certainly outnumbered. I’m sure they’ll show up for the actual game.
Washington State Flag Status: The WSU flag was present for the 214th consecutive week. But what’s up with the Clemson flag I saw looming in the background? I think I saw it last week and I need to keep an eye on this situation. Are they #WSUWannabes?

Best Sign

Worst Sign

Given recent events, it’s not surprising that schools have it in for Urban Meyer. We saw it last week, too. But Penn State mocking coverups is very “Pot, meet my friend Kettle.”

Also, when did the “Venmo me beer money” signs become a thing? More importantly: does it actually work? (Seriously, does it work?)

You Had One Job Winner

Gotta give it up to University of Washington Center, Nick Harris, for his performance last week:

Twitter Champion

We had a wedding proposal!

And somehow the MVP was the chicken person:

Syracuse Head Coach Keeps Player in His Basement

It’s not quite how it sounds, but Syracuse head coach Dino Babers does indeed house right tackle Koda Martin in his basement. But that’s because Koda is married to Dino’s daughter Jazzmin.

When asked what Dino liked about Koda, his response was not anything close to what you’re expecting:

Tim Tebow’s Promise

If you’d like to feel ancient, apparently it’s the tenth anniversary of Tim Tebow’s Promise, which I first assumed was some weird overshare about his virginity. Then I remembered that press conference in which he apologized for losing and said he would work harder. Florida did win the championship that year, but only Tim Tebow would be lauded for such a statement. Show me a team that lost and I’ll show you a similar statement by a team leader.

Guest Picker: Keegan-Michael Key

The Penn State alum picks Penn State in the whiteout, citing defense as the…key.

Corso’s Headgear Pick

Desmond and Corso agree that Penn State will take this one.

That Nittany Lion head probably smells like an attic.

Mascot Antics

From last week, BYU’s Cosmo the Cougar demonstrates how you look on Instagram vs. how you are in real life:

Ever wondered what would happen if you found a mascot costume at Goodwill in 1974, wore it year after year, and never replaced it? The Nittany Lion provides us that answer:

Probable Week 6 GameDay Location 

The Red River Rivalry is always a good option, but having the broadcast on Fox with a noon kickoff makes it unlikely. I’m going with Auburn at Mississippi State.

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