Bobby Portis Hubie Brown An illustration of Bucks star Bobby Portis and ESPN’s Hubie Brown.

Hubie Brown is one of the most beloved figures in sports broadcasting. We’re only a few months removed from everyone being delighted to hear his voice during ESPN’s NBA coverage on Christmas Day. That adoration isn’t exclusive to fans, either. Players love Hubie Brown, too. Players also appear to like messing around with Brown during games, as we’ve learned lately during some Milwaukee Bucks telecasts on ESPN/ABC.

Bobby Portis, who helped the Bucks win the 2021 NBA Finals and became a cult hero in Milwaukee, kept up a conversation during the Bucks’ Sunday Showcase game against the Phoenix Suns with Brown. After Portis drilled a 3-pointer, the former Arkansas standout had a message for Brown.

“That’s for you, Hubie!” Portis, mic’d up during the game, could be heard saying during the broadcast.

Amazingly, this has been a continuous thing this season. A few weeks ago, the Bucks traveled to Philadelphia to battle the 76ers. Hubie Brown called that game as well, and Portis had something to say to him then. “Talk about that, Hubie!” Portis joked to Brown at the time.

In some ways, this situation highlights the benefits that can arise between players and broadcasters. You don’t have this kind of hands-on activity between the broadcaster and a player in other sports. The booths are usually high up in the stadiums. Basketball has always been different in this regard. So here’s a fun and shiny example of what it looks like when appreciation is apparent between a player and the broadcaster.

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