A Trent Dilfer meltdown against Tulane. A Trent Dilfer meltdown against Tulane. (Awful Announcing on Twitter.)

Following his 1994-2007 NFL playing career, Trent Dilfer had a prominent run as a national analyst. He started on NFL Network as a guest analyst in 2006, worked there until 2008, then worked for ESPN until 2017, and then spent time with Fox Sports after that.

But after his controversial ESPN takes and his eventual exit from that network exit (which drew its own conversations, including around private plane discussion) and then his time with Fox, Dilfer has been more focused on coaching. That started with Nashville-area Christian prep school Lipscomb Academy (2019-2022), and he then took the head coaching job with the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers in November 2022. And he drew particular notice with UAB Saturday for his sideline reaction in the fourth quarter of their 35-23 road loss to the Tulane Green Wave, which saw him publicly flagellating an assistant coach. (Language warning.)


Since that happened, it’s provoked a lot of discussion. And that led to posts of other clips of Dilfer sideline meltdowns, including one from his high school coaching stint:

And all of those has led to notable reactions from many prominent football analysts and some of Dilfer’s former colleagues. One of those was ESPN’s Marcus Spears, who weighed in in strong terms:

But many others have commented too:

Dilfer’s sideline reaction here has certainly drawn a lot of discussion this weekend. And it will be interesting to see if it’s brought up on the weekday debate shows, which often have similar theatricality. But this wasn’t even the only context he came up in this weekend:

We’ll see what’s ahead for Dilfer and UAB.

[Marcus Spears on Twitter]

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