Gus Johnson alongside Joel Klatt on broadcast of Michigan-Ohio State game Photo Credit: Fox

Saturday’s top-five matchup between the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes and the No. 3 Michigan Wolverines was an instant classic on the field that came down to the final drive of the game. However, many had mixed reactions to Fox’s broadcast of the game from play-by-play man Gus Johnson and color commentator Joel Klatt.

As usual, Johnson brought his typical energy to the broadcast that he has become famous for. But for some, he was a bit too repetitive when it came to Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

In Johnson’s previous broadcasts of Ohio State games this year, he has continuously called Harrison Jr. “Maserati Marv”. He did this yet again on numerous occasions whenever Harrison Jr. made a big play.

It’s certainly a cool nickname to break out every once in a while for a star player like Harrison Jr. But some fans weren’t overly happy with his constant use of it.

Still, Johnson did have some positive moments, including his call of the game-sealing interception from Michigan at the end of the game.

“The wide receiver at the top of your screen. McCord looks, fires, INTERCEPTED. ROD MOORE. And Michigan will win the game and head to the Big Ten Championship!


Overall, the opinion on Johnson’s on-air performance in this game was all over the board. Some thought he enhanced the broadcast, some thought that he detracted from it. Others felt that he made no impact on their viewing experience.

As far as Klatt’s on-air performance, Michigan fans in particular seemed to believe that the majority of praise given out by Klatt in the game was for Ohio State.

Others saw it differently, saying that Klatt’s cool composure and analysis was a welcome touch compared to Johnson’s over-the-top energy.

Ultimately, there were obviously some critiques for both Johnson and Klatt on the day from some fans. But considering how entertaining the game on the field was, it likely wasn’t a huge factor in the overall viewing experience of this game.

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