Annika Sorenstam and Tony Romo talk to the media Friday at Edgewood Tahoe after the first round of the American Century Championship celebrity golf tournament. Annika Tony R Friday

This NFL Postseason, criticism of Tony Romo’s broadcasting has increased, bringing back memories of Dick Ebersol’s criticism of Romo from the fall.

Last week, Romo talked about evolving as a broadcaster, trial and error in the booth, and the emotion he shows.

This week, in an interview with BroBible, Romo reiterated many of those points while also saying he can’t please everyone.

You’re always trying to do the right thing. At the core, there are just more people now who feel like telling me how they think I’m doing. I have people coming up to me on the street far more than my first couple of years.

At first, they’d mostly tell me how much they love to listen to me and all these positives, so it’s fun. When you’re young and you come out and you’re good, then you’re dealing with more expectations. You find out some people don’t like you and some people want you to do things differently and do this and that instead.

You’ve gotta stay true to who you are. You can’t please everyone. I know that because the number of people who come up to me has quadrupled since the first two or three years.

The thing is, the people who really love you aren’t gonna keep going out of their way to say, “I love you.” They’re not going to keep tweeting “He’s the best” every week, right? So, that goes away and then you hear more negative stuff, but that’s just noise.

In my opinion, Romo has landed on something here, and it’s a direct contradiction to what he said last week. He has to stay true to himself! He can’t please everyone! Romo should just be himself in the booth and not try to be someone else. There’s nothing wrong with trial and error, evolving, and changing, but if Romo is getting too far away from himself, the work will suffer and criticism will grow.


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