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Forget about Taylor Swift and the NFL, the real intersection between sports and entertainment occurred when Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti joined The Drew Barrymore Show this week.

Esiason and Giannotti joined Barrymore’s syndicated daytime TV show on CBS Thursday morning to preview the Super Bowl when the conversation became about butts instead. While going through headlines as part of a show segment, Gio was tasked with reading “The 2024 fitness trend for men will be gigantic BUTTS, predict exercise experts” from The Daily Mail. Upon reading the headline, Gio bemoaned his more recently acquired flat rear end.

“Gio, I can’t see your butt, so I can’t comment on it unless you’d like to stand up,” Barrymore said.

Surely, this all happened organically. After being enticed by Barrymore and her co-host Ross Mathews, Gio stood up, turned around and gave the show an opportunity to rate his booty.

“First of all, those pants are loose as a goose,” Barrymore assessed. “I can’t see thy tuchus. And second of all, I’m sure you have a beautiful rumpus and should feel nothing but good about yourself.”

Of course they’re loose as a goose. He already told America he lost his butt somewhere between the ages of 38 and 41! Pants with no butt are going to be loose.

When Esiason was asked to show off his butt next, the former NFL quarterback who once modeled Hanes underpants called for HR. Barrymore, however, took her own bait and showed off her backside by twerking for Boomer, Gio and the audience, but kept it more PG than that time she jumped out of her seat and danced for David Letterman decades ago.

Last month, CBS issued a press release to promote their week of Super Bowl LVIII coverage in Las Vegas, but left Boomer and Gio, who are simulcast by CBS Sports Network, off the announcement. After Giannotti highlighted the slight, Barrymore called into WFAN and invited the morning duo to co-host an episode of her show this week in Vegas.

“When we were asked to come here, they said, ‘Don’t do your radio show, whatever you do,’” Esiason said while laughing at Barrymore shaking her butt. “We’re doing our radio show!”

They also talked about Taylor Swift on the show, they may have even had a conversation about something pertaining to the actual game part of the Super Bowl. But who goes to Vegas to sit and talk about football?

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