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Randy Moss is the perfect sports radio guest in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Assuming you booked the right Randy Moss.

Broadcasting from Las Vegas this week in the days leading up to Super Bowl LVIII, WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti were under the impression their longtime producer Al Dukes booked Randy Moss for the show. A little surprised that Moss would make the trip over to their studio considering they aren’t on radio row, Giannotti, who is a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan, asked what the former NFL wide receiver was promoting.

“Something having to do with horse racing,” Dukes said, believing Moss took an interest in horse racing since retiring from the NFL as many football players do. “He’s very into horse racing.”

“Really?” Giannotti asked “Are you sure this is the…not the other Randy Moss?”

“Yeah,” Dukes answered confidently before asking, “Is there another Randy Moss?”

As Esiason and Giannotti both informed Dukes there is an announcer named Randy Moss who works in horse racing, Dukes began to get concerned, saying, “Please tell me that’s fake.”

Uh-oh. No offense to the other Randy Moss who serves as an analyst for NBC Sports’ horse racing coverage (and works on their Olympic coverage, and previously covered Super Bowls for NFL Network), but he’s not a guest sports radio shows in Las Vegas are clamoring for this week.

“You booked the white Randy Moss!” Giannotti yelled while laughing at Dukes.

“You booked the wrong one, you idiot!” Esiason added. “And I was thinking like, ‘There’s no way Randy Moss is coming here.’ By the way, I do like the broadcaster Randy Moss, he’s a very nice guy, he loves horse racing…but I can’t wait to hear you call them back and say, ‘We’re gonna have to cancel.’”

By asking ‘What is Randy Moss promoting?’ Giannotti saved the show from the awkward moment of seeing NBC’s Randy Moss walk into the studio instead of the Hall of Fame wide receiver. But also, what an incredible moment of radio and television it would have been to see Giannotti in his Vikings garb having to conduct a horse racing interview with the wrong Randy Moss just days before the Super Bowl.

“I’m looking at my emails,” Dukes said. “They go, ‘Did you need a headshot and bio?’ I’m like, ‘No, we know who Randy Moss is.’”

Boomer and Gio were unlikely to make any news from the interview whether they had Randy Moss the former NFL star or Randy Moss the horse racing analyst on their show this week. But thanks to Dukes’ hilarious gaffe, not interviewing Moss ended up being newsworthy. Now we just need a caller to ask Mike Francesa if he thinks Randy Moss the horse analyst and Randy Moss the former NFL star ever say, ‘Hi’ or get together for dinner.

[WFAN, via CBS Sports Network]

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