The Kansas City Chiefs offense was mightily impressive during the first half of the AFC Championship Game, scoring three touchdowns as the Chiefs took a 21-10 lead over the Cincinnati Bengals into the half. However, they didn’t make the m0st noise at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

CBS audiences were treated to the usual sight of the halftime crew, anchored by James Brown. However, just as Brown started talking about the first half, the stadium introduced halftime performer Walker Hayes (a.k.a. The Applebee’s song guy) and the musical performance completely overwhelmed the audio of the TV hosts.

It’s unclear if the problem was stage placement, speaker placement, bad timing, or a combination of all three. Those big speakers directly behind the hosts probably don’t bode well. Whatever the issue, it was clearly impossible to fix as Bill Cowher, Boomer Esiason, Nate Burleson, and Phil Simms loud-talked their way through the telecast to no avail.

The crew may have ended up cutting their halftime discussion short due to the overwhelming noise issue, but at least everyone tried their best to have fun with the absurdity of the moment.

As you might imagine, the nightmare scenario for the CBS production truck was a bonanza for NFL Twitter, who had a field day with the debacle.

CBS better hope Hayes isn’t considering doing an encore after the game during their post-game show. Given how much we all had to hear that song during college football season, let’s all pray for that as well.

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