Yesterday, as Patrick Reed continued to be heckled in the wake of his cheating scandal, his brother-in-law/caddie Kessler Karain got into a physical confrontation with a fan at the Presidents Cup.

The only video that’s emerged is the aftermath, but clearly something happened:

Karain was not allowed to caddie today for Reed in the wake of the incident.

Karain released his own statement shortly after the incident a few media outlets who (obviously) came calling, and Barstool’s ForePlay Pod account tweeted it out first:

(A quick note: Karain essentially confirmed he assaulted a fan in his own statement, so there’s no real way to cover that one up at this point. Though today’s coverage of the incident on Golf Channel seemed to kind of try.) ESPN also got that statement from Karain, and went live with their own story.

As ESPN had received the statement via their own reporting (ESPN’s Michael Collins spoke to Karain as well), they didn’t mention Barstool’s tweeted statement. This didn’t go over well with Barstool:

After that things devolved into the typical Twitter fight over accreditation we don’t see quite so often anymore:

Others were drawn in as well:

In the end, it’s kind of a silly point; Barstool got plenty of credit for being first, and ESPN did their own work. Let’s let a Twitter user sum it up well:

It was good work to get the statement and get it out there, and outlets that aggregated rather than did their own reporting credited them appropriately, even if they didn’t at first. That’s a solid scoop.

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