Everyone makes mistakes, including us, but some are particularly funny. And media outlets continuing to identify the Los Angeles Chargers as “San Diego” fits right in there, considering that they’ve been back in Los Angeles (the franchise started there in 1960, moved to San Diego in 1961, and then moved back to L.A. in 2017) for almost three years now and that people still keep calling them “San Diego,” from Stephen A. Smith (in fairness, that was only the third-most wrong thing in his Derrick Johnson versus Hunter Henry matchup analysis) to the Madden 19 glitch.

The latest culprit on that front comes from an interesting source; not a national media outlet, but rather The Athletic LA. That account tweeted “What should San Diego do?” Thursday as part of a story about running back Melvin Gordon’s holdout from the Los Angeles Chargers. They finally deleted that tweet after 45 minutes, but it’s preserved in a screenshot here:

A erroneous "San Diego" Chargers tweet from The Athletic LA.

That produced some funny responses:

It’s understandable that San Diego still comes to mind for many when discussing the Chargers, but this is still a funny mistake. And while the story in question has the team correctly located, the tweet needed some more work.

[Found via Lisa Guerrero on Twitter]

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