Credits for Steph Curry documentary Underrated. Photo Credit: Underrated via Apple TV

It’s hard to imagine there was a time when some pundits doubted whether or not Steph Curry would be a quality player in the NBA.

Four NBA titles, two MVP Awards, nine All-Star Game appearances, and nine All-NBA selections later, that notion seems pretty quaint.

Now, the Golden State Warriors superstar is telling his own story about how the scrawny son of a decent NBA player defied expectations and became one of the biggest names in the history of the league.

The trailer for the documentary Underrated, which Curry produced, was released on Monday.

Curry also shared the trailer on his Twitterfeed, saying “Can’t wait for you to see my [Apple TV] original #UnderratedFilm on July 21 where I take you down memory lane.”

Based on the trailer it looks like it will provide a pretty straightforward recounting of Curry’s basketball career, including his time at Davidson where he led the Wildcats to a surprise Elite Eight, before being drafted by the Warriors and becoming the face of an NBA dynasty.

“The remarkable coming-of-age story of one of the most influential, dynamic and unexpected players in the history of basketball: Stephen Curry. This feature documentary — blending intimate cinéma vérité, archival footage and on camera interviews — documents Curry’s rise from an undersized college player at a small town Division I college to a four-time NBA champion, building one of the most dominant sports dynasties in the world,” reads the Apple TV+ description.

Given that Curry himself produced the film, it’s hard to imagine this will be any kind of hard-hitting documentary. Then again, there isn’t that much out there about Curry that would be more interesting to see from an unbiased angle.

Along with Curry, A24 and Black Panther director Ryan Coogler’s Proximity Media company are also attached.

Underrated premieres on  Apple TV+ on July 21.

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