WFAN host Mike Francesa isn’t always up on current events or even entire sports, but it’s still remarkable to hear him declare a very-much-alive artist dead. That’s what he did Tuesday, though, starting by talking about actually-dead musicians Michael Jackson and Elvis and then citing still-alive musician Sting as someone who’d already passed on. Via @RNs_Funhouse:

“When Sting died, Sting, according to them, had no will and was worth 300 million dollars or 280 million dollars or something, and had over 1,000 songs that he had not released that he had written. He had all this music to be released!”

Wait… is Francesa confusing Sting and Prince? Prince died in April, with some sites estimating his net worth at $300 million and some saying he had up to 1,000 unreleased songs, and he didn’t leave a will. Meanwhile, Sting is also estimated to be worth about $300 million, but he’s very much alive, and has not yet run down the curtain or joined the bleeding choir invisible. Maybe Francesa didn’t get his message in a bottle, or perhaps all that tantric sex is good for one’s health. Still, Sting might not want Mike “The Reaper” Francesa to stand so close to him, though…


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