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WFAN radio host Mike Francesa has had quite the history with soccer, from feuding with Fox over his FS1 simulcasts’ preemption for Champions League games and their higher ratings to having St. John’s men’s soccer head coach Dave Masur explain the game to him from first principles on-air for half an hour during the 2014 World Cup to questioning New York City FC’s lack of nickname during a very confused promo read. On Wednesday, the Sports Pope decided to make it very clear once and for all just how much he doesn’t care about soccer, spending over eight minutes of his show stating that in response to SI’s “Summer of Soccer” cover. Here’s the audio clip, via @RNs_Funhouse:

“I know I get accused of knowing nothing about soccer, and I don’t, I know absolutely zero about soccer. And that’s more than I want to know about soccer. I have no interest. Sorry. I’m just being honest. It’s a little late for me and soccer. It’s just not going to happen.”

He then goes on to protest SI’s 11-page Copa America preview and talk about how it’s “a sad reminder of a different world”: “No wonder they can’t give the magazine away.”

Are you really sure you don’t care about soccer, Mike? Really, really sure? Should you maybe tell us a little more just how much you don’t care about it? This whole thing’s reminiscent of someone after a breakup telling us just how little they care about their ex. Don’t worry, Mike, I’m sure soccer might call. Someday.


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